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I am a filmmaker and designer with 10 years of experience and I want to help you make a real change.

I am a filmmaker and designer with 10 years of experience and


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Currently in Progress

Pomeranian Tale

Poland – Brazil​

Stettin isn’t a typical city. With no center, its wide streets lead to nowhere. Just like a tourist, also the urban identity seems to be lost and suspended somewhere between German and Polish heritage. But what if the Pomeranian Tale isn’t hidden in the shadow of Polish-German oaks, but rather in the scanty shade of Brazilian palm trees?

Portraits of Burren


A series of short stories of local peculiarities takes you to the magical journey through the place called New Line in Burren, where nothing is ordinary and every conversation brings the new idea and understanding of life.

Beyond the Bug River

Poland – Ukraine

Beyond the Bug River is a socio-cultural project in which the authors seek out and attempt to understand their family roots. Indeed, many residents of Szczecin can trace their ancestry to the present-day Ukraine. These ancestors arrived in the Recovered Territories following the ethnic cleansing and the exile of Poles from the area of Wołyń in the 1940s. Those were terrible times, yet they are seldom remembered and discussed.

– Social media documentary project with over 2 millions views –

We don’t believe in irrelevant memories, trivial reflections or silly emotions. We believe every experience carries new energy and every little thought may be momentous. Through short stories and quotes we thus build an audiovisual collection to empower women and non-binary people, or rather a guide how to cope with white male supremacy like a badass.


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Currently based in Egham, UK, but happy to join international projects.


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