india / italy / poland, 2015


directed by Prithvi Chahal
screenplay by Prithvi Chahal
edited by Aleksandra Rydzkowska
cinematography by Prithvi Chahal and Aleksandra Rydzkowska


The film is the result of indian-italian-polish cooperation and deals with the question how people around affect us?

Italy, 2015

la sottile lina gialla

The film produced in collaboration with the Cat Paratroopa’s Big Explosion in the competition for a short movie made in twenty-four hours organized by the Daylong Emergent Showbiz Initiative Cremonapalloza Award D.E. S.I.C.A. 10 in Cremona. The movie received the award for Best Screenplay and the Audience Award.

directed by Aleksandra Rydzkowska and Ventu
screenplay by Tommi
edited by Aleksandra Rydzkowska
cinematography by Aleksandra Rydzkowska and Gréta Juhász
starring: Gine, Andy, Vele, Gnappo, Vale, Dani, Ferro, Matteo, Tommi