Italy, 2016


It is an experimental audiovisual project which consists of four videos with binaural sound. The starting point was a reflection on the loss of sight. How would I feel knowing I would not see anymore? How would I act and how would change my daily life? And what about the relation between the loss of vision and hearing sounds?

running time: 1:29 | language: Italian | subtitles: English

Italy, 2016

Girl in red

It is an experimental project, with an objective to create cinema that is dehumanized. The movie tells a story of a fangirl of Robert Johnson’s, who tried to use his way to become a great musician and signed a pact with the Devil. The movie starts 10 years after that event when strange things begin to happen in her life. We never see the protagonist because our point of view, guided by the camera lens, is always too late.

running time: 6:49 | language: polish | subtitles: italian

poland, 2011

the beast

This short, easy-going movie was made in the technique of stop-motion animation. Dead bugs and fishes were enlivened with humor to dance and play at the dance party in a retro style. The whole work is realized in the style of silent movies of the thirties.

running time: 0:59