poland, 2018

beyond the bug river

Beyond the Bug River is a socio-cultural project in which the authors seek out and attempt to understand their family roots. Indeed, many residents of Szczecin can trace their ancestry to the present-day Ukraine. These ancestors arrived in the Recovered Territories following the ethnic cleansing and the exile of Poles from the area of Wołyń in the 1940s. Those were terrible times, yet they are seldom remembered and discussed. 

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running time: 4:31 | language: Polish | subtitles: English | Italian


running time: 3:32 | language: Polish/Ukrainian | subtitles: Italian

Ireland, 2017

Cosmic joe


Szczecin European Film Festival 2018

official selection at odcienie wolnosci, within the 15. Film Festival Millenium Docs Against Gravity

Previous screening: 

June 14, 2018 at 6 p.m. | Klub 13 muz (Szczecin)

The short documentary piece is a reflective journey through the cosmic philosophy of Joe Staunton – a poet and musician who lives in an area of the Burren, known as the New Line. He allows us a window into his private life, in the small cosy caravan, and, spending the day with us, invites to reflect together on our responsability and contribution into creating the nice, friendly, enjoyable world.

„Cosmic Joe” loosely touches on the current problems of the wave of immigration and refugees making us think about the absurdity of the idea of boarders and aware about the responsability which is involved by the freedom demanded by all of us. Although it does not resemble the importunated piece of dogmatic propaganda, but rather the easy-going, casual conversation in the heart of nature.

more projects

Short film about Happiness

Ireland, 2017

This short documentary is a small reflection on what the happiness is for different people. The film was shot and edited in one day.

running time: 2:22 | language: English

The view from my window

Italy, 2016

The film is a reflection on the sense of reality limited by what can be seen from the window.

screened at Mizzica Film Festival and Instant Movie Festival in Milan

running time: 6:57 | language: Polish | sub: Italian, English


Italy, 2015

Reportage about three writers who have realized a mural on the occasion of the exhibition Il viaggio dell’incoronazione di Ferdinando I nel Lombardo-Veneto e le vedute di Eduard Gurk at the Museo Civico A.Ponzone in Cremona

running time: 5:15 | language: Italian | sub: English | Polish

Concorto film festival

Italy, 2015

Short video reportage from the opening party of Concorto Film Festival – the festival of short movies in Piacenza.

running time: 4:54 | language: Italian

Aino Suni

Italy, 2015

Interview with Aino Suni – the Finnish director of Seuraava Taso (Next Level) and Kääntöpaikka(Turnaround) – realized during the Concorto Film Festival in Piacenza, Italy.

running time: 4:33 | language: English

BAskin. A sport for everyone

Italy, 2015

The purpose of BASKIN movie is to present a new sport inspired by basketball, but with its main goal to allow disabled and non-disabled people to play together.

running time: 14:33 | language: italian | sub: English | Polish